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Thousand Pines Outdoor Science School
Office: 909.338.8900
Office fax: 909.338.3511
Host Cell: 909.205.6847  (24 hours)

General Teacher Policies

During your stay with us, please remember that your school's policies for students as well as teachers/administrators are still in effect.

  • Quiet hours are 10 pm–7 am. Please be courteous of others in your house and nearby.

  • Our staff instruct the students that they may not play pranks on anyone. Please in turn do not play pranks on students.

  • When visiting cabins, please knock and wait to be invited in. This will help maintain the privacy of the students.

  • Our staff are housed on grounds; please do not enter their living quarters.

  • When leaving the site, please communicate with the Leadership Team, and let us know when you are leaving and when you plan on returning.

  • All visitors (e.g. spouses, other teachers) need to check in at the main office regardless of their length of stay.

  • Please advise and counsel staff in regard to students with special needs.

  • We ask that you look after students that are ill or homesick and provide supervision until they return to their groups or they are picked up by a parent/guardian.

  • Supervising students that need to be removed from their cabin or other activities due to their behavior. Should you decide that you want the students to stay with you in your housing, please make sure everyone else in the house is okay with this.

  • There is a no-smoking policy on site. Should you need to smoke, you may do so in your car or you can request that we show you the secret garden which is the only acceptable smoking location on Thousand Pines property.

  • Please remember this is a school site, therefore no alcoholic beverages are to be consumed or brought on campus.

​We are excited to have you at the Thousand Pines Outdoor Science School. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make this time more enjoyable.

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